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Marriage Counseling of ST. Geore

Marriage Counseling of St George

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At Marriage Counseling of St George, we specialize in therapy to help individuals, couples, and families to help improve their communication to manage conflict better and determine their strengths.

We can help create healthy traditions and work with complicated behaviors to help individuals manage addiction and more.

We can help discover unhealthy patterns existing within a family or individual to help them do their part in changing or eliminating those behaviors creating unhealthy habits.

Let's help improve your life, well-being, and relationships today. Whether you need infidelity counseling,  Premarital Counseling, or Divorce Counseling, we can help you resolve any issues.

You need not struggle alone through marriage, family, to individual problems. Our therapists have the experience to help you to come to terms with any painful situation, including substance abuse, or help you recover from anxiety or stress.

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Couples Therapy

A marriage can be very challenging...

Infidelity Counseling

Whether you recently found out...

Family Counseling

We can help with relationship problems...

Grief Counseling

Whether you have lost your job...

Conflict Resolution

When disagreeing on something, we...

Stress Management

Stress is expected in your daily...

Work & Career Counseling

Whether you are a target at work or harassed at work, let us help you resolve the problem. Or perhaps your work performance is failing, and you do not feel motivated with your current job.

With our therapists, you can work through all these concerns to learn stress management skills to help you recover. 

Addiction & Recovery Counseling

When you think of addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is alcohol and drugs. But addiction comes in many forms, from sex addiction to shopping, gambling, and more. These forms of addiction can affect lives differently, but in most cases, it ends badly for the person addicted and family members. Let us help you recover from addiction, no matter your habit. Do not let your addiction ruin your life. Get help with us today!

Are you ready to restore your relationship?

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Whats Our Client are saying

- Morgan

"He [Sam] was able to so quickly and so effectively get to the root of the issues that were negatively effecting my life and in the following sessions he was able help me release and let go of those issues in a way that had felt more effective than anything I have previously experience.  I can't recommend him enough, because it didn't feel like what we expect therapy to feel like, it just felt like it actually worked!"


"Its just 10 times easier now to get through those things, and it didn't take us very long, we didn't have to spend a year in therapy, rehashing all of the fights and all of the things.  It just focused on where we got stuck and how to work through that, to be able to meet each others needs."

Marriage Counseling of St George

Today you are a step close to becoming a new you as you will feel empowered and walking a positive path to growth and positive well-being. We are solution-focused therapists, and our goal is to help you or your family uncover the true potential to lead a life worthy of celebration.

While we cannot change all problematic situations, we can work with you and your family to better understand and resolve the problems you face. So let's help to take all the negative perceptions and make the positive ones for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

If you need added support to guidance through any challenging situation or want to move in a new direction, our qualified therapists look forward to working with you.