Conflict Resolution St George

What Is Conflict Resolution Therapy?

Sometimes we are left with moments of frustration arguing with friends, family members, or coworkers.

Still, there are many positive strategies available to deal with conflict. Here at Marriage Counseling St George, we can help you with conflict resolution counseling.

You need not struggle with your conflict alone. Call us today!

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What is Conflict?

When you look at the Office of Human Resource Development, conflict comprises various behaviors. It has consequences related to each behavior resulting in a dilemma for each individual.

First, you have the person that reacts with avoidance. The person wishes to ignore the problem and wants the argument to dissipate or linger.

Yet, the opposite is happening. That problem escalates beneath the surface until no one can avoid it, and needs addressing.

Next, you have a person that stands their ground and may seem that the person is in control or even comes over aggressive when communicating.

They want their needs met and set the rules or even direct the conversation. Then, you have the person who surrenders and uses tactics to disclose the needs of others.

Hence, the person places the opinions and needs of another person above their own as they want to preserve the relationship to reach an ultimate goal.

Other people will compromise or sacrifice, which might seem like a good route. Still, it is not the best approach as they focus on their needs and want instead of the other person's viewpoint.

Lastly, you have a collaboration that cares about a win-win solution. Hence, they scout out common aspirations and needs as every party knows their opinions and ensures they are heard.

"At work I faced some difficulties with a coworker. The person made me feel worthless and I always cleared away from arguments. So I went for conflict resolution and have learned new skills to bring over my point of view to resolve problems with the person."

- Janet Owen(St George)

Get Started With Conflict Resolution Today

Understanding your needs and behavior patterns allows you to establish an internal insight into the problem.

When you come for conflict resolution in St George, you can learn to understand yourself and others around you and how a situation may or may not unfold.

With this knowledge, you will have the right tools to help you in a conflict situation.

Marriage Counseling St George wants to equip you with those preliminary tools to handle conflict in your life.