Divorce Counseling St George

Divorce Counseling

Are you going through a separation or a divorce? We know how difficult it can be to tell the children.

Get help today with divorce counseling in St George, made possible by Marriage Counseling of St George now. Let us give you the following:

  • Guidance for this challenging situation, like telling the kids

  • Let us help provide you with information on the process and transitioning from spouses to co-parenting effectively.

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  • We provide support when it comes to parenting decisions and talk about the problematic issues to differences you face

  • We equip you with skills and strategies to provide your children with healthy coping skills after a divorce when living in two homes.

  • You can get information about divorce can influence children as they adjust to the new norm.

  • You get a neutral setting to help assess your kid's coping and can hear their perspectives to provide the best support.

"We reached a point in our life where divorce was the only option. While our divorce was not a messy one we did find complications with our children along the way. We went as a family for divorce counseling to help work out our differences and help our kids along the way.

- Antoinette Reinier (St George)

Get The Best Advice For Co-parenting 

When you come to Marriage Counseling St George for divorce counseling we provide assistance for coparenting.

We consult with you on practices and skills to renegotiate ineffective parenting roles and even relationship patterns.

We provide you with feedback to help promote communication to meet your children's needs living across two homes.

You will get support with productive discussions based on the difficulties when it comes to parenting in your children's daily life or even big goals.

While exploring ideas and options when it comes to changes in a parenting plan or any other decisions you need to make we provide you with a neutral setting and feedback to explore them from both parents sides.

Let Marriage Counseling St George suggest ways to create a more transparent yet clearer boundary to improve the co-parenting relationship.

Divorce Counseling St George

How Divorce Therapy Helps

Think of Marriage Counseling St George as a communication and consultant facilitator. We have the expertise and experience in parenting, child development, and co-parenting when it comes to the challenges of divorce.

Our services range from meeting with parents jointly or with one of the co-parents. So whether you need general information about a divorce or even co-parenting communication, we can help.

Furthermore, we provide essential boundaries for children to give them the best support. We also meet with the kids once without the parents to hear their voices and perspectives.

Lastly, we provide adult sessions and do not insist that you agree with one another or even with us. Instead, we provide you with observations to support, and you make the decisions as we are here to help fix them instead of spending time on what went wrong.

Still, we do have limitations in our roles and skills. For example, we do not provide written reports to share with parents related to their kid's disclosure or share information with parents in any way.

We provide a safe and confidential environment to help you process the separation or divorce to come to terms and deal with any conflict that can arise along the way.

Contact us today for divorce counseling in St George to help you through the process.

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