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Grief Counseling

We all experience loss at some point, and unfortunately, our schooling and society do not equip us with the right tools to work through the process of grief.Grief is a natural process for loss resulting from losing a job, moving to another state, or losing something close to your heart. In contrast, bereavement is another form of grief when you lose a loved one to death.

Grief can trigger different emotions leading to sadness and anger, to even anxiety. It can leave you with the feeling of longing, regret, or guilt. The emotions can vary in different intensities and even come in random waves. It can add to more confusion.

Depressed girl hiding her face by hand

Grief Varies From One Person to Another

Adapting to a loss can vary from one person to another. Family and friends speak to you about your loss and the stages of grief. Still, the truth is that no person experiences grief as another.

For some people, it can take a few months to process the emotions ,while for others ,it can take years to even a lifetime.

Furthermore, you find loads of belief systems influencing your actions. Still, it depends on the person and their background to their ,beliefs, and the relationship lost.

For this reason, people can experience grief differently. For example, you can think there is nothing you could do differently. Or you can think it is my fault. The grief process varies from sharing those feelings with another person or being alone to dealing with it and turning away from others.

Yet, the fact remains that there is no one way of grieving that is better than another. You may find you are looking for a distraction from your loss. Or you have a lot of emotions and start delving deeper into those feelings.

“My wife passed away unexpectedly and it shook me apart. I did not know that she had a heart problem and felt that I could have done something about it. I went into a state of depression with all the why’s and what ifs. My daughter became concerned and suggested I go for grief counseling. It was the best thing I did.”

- Bernie Horseman (St George)


Grief Leaves You With Many Challenges

Grief is not easy when you face any form of loss from losing a loved one to getting a divorce. You feel overwhelmed and find you face difficulties daily.

If you find yourself dealing with grief it helps to speak to a professional grief counseling therapist to remove some of the weight that the loss brings.

Grief Counseling St George NV

We have a team of experts that focus on multiple types of loss:

  • Divorce to separation

  • Child loss to parents or grandparent loss

  • Traumatic loss from gun violence, natural disasters and car accidents

  • Terminal illness to pregnancy loss

We understand what support you need when coping with grief and our licensed counselor will focus on your:

  • Acceptance to anger and adjustment

  • We will help you adapt and work through the bargaining stage to cope with your denial

  • We will help you through the guilt, shame and depression phase to even cope with your social life

  • Lastly, we help you with managing your new routines and help you with your future plans

Let Us Help You Deal With Your Personal Loss Journey

You need not face the journey of grief alone as our team provides grief counseling to grief support groups in Saint George.

We provide you with coping mechanisms and loss therapy to face challenges every day. With your new adaptive life skills and adjustment tools you can work through your emotions of your pain and loss.

We provide a safe space for individuals, couples, and families to heal from the loss to move forward. We are also sensitive to your so sociology-cultural values, religion and beliefs and provide a tailored support treatment made for your unique needs.

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