Infidelity Counseling St George

Infidelity Counseling

Have you found out you have been cheated on? Or are you feeling overwhelmed and shocked, filled with a rage of emotions? Perhaps you feel angry or scared at times. You wonder if you can survive an affair.

Get help with infidelity counseling with Marriage Counseling St George today!

Infidelity Counseling In Vegas

Infidelity Counseling Can Help

Finding out you have been cheated on is devastating. An affair shatters the core of your existence and leaves you feeling rejected betrayed, angry, fearful, mistrusted, and grief. It damages you, leaving you overwhelmed by what you should do next. You are in pain and confused, but you need not suffer infidelity alone.

"Marriage Counseling St George helped us to discuss our concerns with my affair . I made a huge mistake when I cheated on my wife. She wanted to divorce but we both decided on counseling first before we made a final decision. We are both glad we did as we are working hard to save our long time marriage of 20 years.”

- Dennis Lark (St George)

Start Here to Develop a Deeper and Intimate Bond

After an affair, despite all the feelings of wanting to leave or thinking about divorce, a therapist can help you find ways to get a deeper understanding and build an intimate bond again.

Infidelity does not have to end your relationship, as it might even make it stronger. The important thing is that affair recovery involves the willingness of both partners, and the unfaithful partner needs to show sincere regret with remorse.

With the infidelity recovery process, it includes:

  • Teamwork from both partners to fully commit and work hard to get their relationship back to what it was.

  • The betrayer must end the infidelity, and must win back their partner's trust.

  • Couples should always be honest as it is important in rebuilding the relationship.

After Going To Marriage Counseling Vegas Valley
  • While the betrayed needs to find ways to cope with their overwhelming feelings to sort out why it occured in the first place and what they need to change.

  • An affair is not about love but boundaries and can happen in a happy marriage.

  • Still, infidelity counseling will only work on how much empathy the betrayed partner shows for the pain caused.

Infidelity Therapy Saint George

As infidelity to marriage counseling specialists, we have the training to experience to offer couples a sound and sensible guideline to mend their relationship. If you are going through the betrayal of an affair and feel hurt, we can help you cope with your emotions to decide your future.

If you choose to commit and reclaim your life together, we will be there along the way to help. As a couple, you can survive infidelity provided both are willing to be honest with each other and equip themselves with tools to guide them through the crisis.

Still, if you struggle and wonder what you should do next, please call us so we can discuss your concerns and decide the best way forward for you and your family.

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