Premarital Counseling St George

Premarital Counseling In Vegas


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That is all fine and dandy though if you are going into a relationship, it is nice to know if skeletons are hiding in the closet that might come back to cause disruption in the relationship a little further down the line.


Why Premarital counseling?

This is very similar to couples therapy although it is structured and geared to couples who have yet to wed. Premarital Counseling St George couples opt to take can be seen as a further commitment to each other and to show they have nothing to hide.


On the surface it could appear a couple has nothing that might cause conflict later in their relationship, The skilled therapists we employ have continually found very minor quibbles that a couple has, and disregard them as nothing. Although over time these can create friction as they turn into annoyances and spiral out of control.


Benefits of St George Premarital Counseling

A couple might have been together for a while before they decide to tie the knot. Many of the areas that are cause for concern more often than not never show themselves until a couple has married and can include the following:


  • Methods of raising a family or children
  • Career goals for partner or oneself
  • Money and finances


Studies show that when couples attend premarital Counseling sessions with professional therapists in St George or other areas the rate of divorce can fall by a little over 30%.

In a city such as St George where there are continual daily stress levels, this percentage is well worth calling us on 435-220-4608 to give your relationship a much better fighting chance of succeeding.


Where are Premarital Counselors?

Marriage Counseling of St George has many therapists who are qualified to perform premarital counseling sessions with couples who are looking for this type of assistance.


It is also possible to purchase many books and videos though it is advised you might not attain the results by taking this course of action. Having an understanding intermediary who knows where the pitfalls are and what questions to ask can same St George couples countless hours of running around in acircle trying to find the right questions to ask or attempting to assign reasoning for a partner’s reaction.


We have helped thousands of couples come to understand their partners and vice versa over the years we have provided this service in St George. If you are both sure of your relationship and just want to iron out a few wrinkles before your big day, then we have all the help you can ever need.