Depression and Anxiety Counseling

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

In our lives, we experience grief to sadness that could result from an argument with a loved one, job loss, or even failing an exam you studied hard for. 

Still, when sadness looms, it can become worrisome when it stays around longer than it should. Then, you start falling and losing control of your life.

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Think of the following scenarios:

Think of the following scenarios:

  • Your mom has not seen you for a while and comes for a visit noticing all the dirty dishes piled up and clothes scattered on the floor. This is not like you.
  • You do not eat and lose a lot of weight or even gain a lot of weight. Instead, you just lay in bed or on the couch, not ready to get up.
  • Your friends notice you turn them down to hang out, and when they confront you, they see you are anxious.
  • You have no energy to shower or clean up as it has not crossed your mind, and you always worry about everything.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you might be battling depression or anxiety. Both are serious illnesses that need a professional therapist's help.

Let our counselors at Marriage Counseling of St George help you with the challenges you face in your daily life today. We know what toll your condition can take on your life and well-being. So reach out for help today.

Diagnosing Depression and Anxiety

Why people get anxiety and depression can happen for many reasons. Still, knowing the type of mental health concern helps you develop a successful treatment plan based on your conditions.

You can find different types of depression manifesting in a person's life that, include:

  • A major depressive disorder is the most common form found. Symptoms included emptiness, insomnia, lack of interest, and feelings of despair, to name a few. The symptoms can last for two weeks.
  • In minor depression, the symptoms are not long and the same as in major depressive disorder.
  • Then you have a persistent depressive disorder that can last for two years.
  • While bipolar disorder can cause extreme moods between depression and mania, you can find manic symptoms that risk the person's personal life. Conversely, people with this form of depression can experience euphoria.

As with depression, you get different types of anxiety you can experience as follow:

  • PTSD is a form of anxiety that results from something happening in your life. For example, it can result from neglect, physical or sexual assault, emotional abuse, being in a warzone, and more.
  • Some people suffer from a social anxiety disorder and cannot go outside or to events or shops.
  • Then you have a generalized anxiety disorder, the most common anxiety form found. It can happen from different stressors like meeting deadlines, visiting a grocery store, or speaking to others.

When you work with one of our depression and anxiety counselors in Saint George, they can help identify your challenges. Then, they will create a unique plan based on your needs.

 "When I was very young me and my mom was in a car accident and I started getting PTSD resulting from it. I could not get into a car without getting all worked up and anxious about it. My mom took me for depression and anxiety therapy and it helped me a lot."

- Catherine Gable (St George)

Get  Help With Marriage Counseling St George

If you're ready to manage your depression and anxiety symptoms and tackle whatever you're facing, help is available. Marriage Counseling St George offers depression and anxiety therapy in person or online.

Call us today to schedule an appointment, and let us know your preference. With our dedicated care programs, we present you with different appointment times that work best for you.

Do not let depression or anxiety rule your life. Take a step back and get help with us today.

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