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Stress Management

Do you feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities? Or, no matter how hard you try, you cannot calm down or relax.

Perhaps you feel tense, wound up, or worried throughout the day. Yes, this can lead to many frustrated feelings leaving you feeling hopeless and confused.

Chronic stress can affect your life in many ways and harm your mental and physical health.

Stress Management St George Counseling

Everyone Experiences Stress

Many things can trigger stress, and avoiding them is impossible. Still, feeling stressed occasionally is not a bad thing. But it can become a problem when it is ongoing.

Your stress levels fluctuate during the day, but you sometimes feel more stressed than you should.

It has become more common today as we live in a fast-paced world with high expectations. So, you are not alone when feeling high-stress levels.

I lost my company and the debts piled up. I had no one to reach out to or go to apart from going for stress management at Marriage Counseling of St George. They helped me understand how to deal with my situation to find the best way forward.”

- Marin Gosling (St George)

Do Not Allow Stress To Affect Your Life

While stress is every day, experiencing it for a long time is negative on your mental and physical health. It can leave you feeling frustrated to anxious and even lead to depression a low self-esteem.

Still, the good news is there is help with stress management counseling in St George. With our service, you work on your stress to find relief and deal with situations best. With your coping skills learned you can use them regularly to help reduce your stress.

Managing your stress with stress management counseling has loads of benefits that include the following:

  • Feelings of peace and relaxation

  • Decreased anxiety and depression feelings

  • Your self-esteem improves

  • Your relationship with loved ones and physical and mental health improve.

  • You can enjoy improved job concentration and performance and learn new skills to use daily, from mindfulness to gratitude.

Life Coping With Stress Vegas Valley

What is Stress Management Therapy?

An effective way to treat stress is to sit in a relaxed environment to share your thoughts about your current stressors. Next, we assess your stress levels to give us an overall picture of what you are going through and what you expect your life to look like when stress levels decrease.

Stress management therapy in St George teaches you ongoing coping skills to use inside and outside your sessions to keep the stress down and manage it at a healthy level. So, if you feel stressed out, contact us today.

No matter what causes your stress, from your career and family to relationships with others, we can help. We use different treatment plans to help decrease your stress levels.

We are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. We also provide you with meditation to relaxing techniques to control your stress.

The combination of the above is powerful enough to help relieve stress in your life.

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